Building a positive brand image in the market requires heart-winning custom retail packaging. Investing time and energy in devising exceptional packing beforehand is a good strategy. You can be an apple in the consumers’ eye if your product wrapping is unique from the other products placed on the store rack. A consumer scans a store’s retail shelf in about 20 seconds on average, making it challenging for the brands to grab a customer’s attention in such a short span.

Custom Retail boxes

To break the code, the brand must choose crafty customized retail packaging that communicates the brand’s vision quickly and leaves a positive impression on consumers’ minds. As everything comes with a price, custom retail packaging, despite its many advantages, has certain drawbacks, which we shall cover later in this blog. Let’s first read about the positive attributes of custom printed boxes and how it helps the brand gain popularity among its consumers.

Advantages of Custom Boxes

  • Furnishes Utmost Protection

Imagine you purchased a gift for a special occasion and received it broken. It’s disheartening for the consumer and distressing for the brand owner, who has lost one of his brand advocates. We know that products can be wrecked during shipping or storage, but it is the brand’s primary responsibility to ensure the safety of the commodity and deliver damage-free products to targeted customers. Remember that every buyer counts, and you should not leave a single loophole that can tarnish your brand identity.

Preferring customized retail boxes over the usual ones can save you from this disgrace. As the box size and shape are chosen solely by keeping in mind the fragility, texture, and shape of the product, there is a very low probability that the product gets damaged in any way. In addition, if the product is more fragile, additional cushioning can be added to give it a more premium and elegant appearance. The cardboard or kraft used during the manufacturing of custom boxes is of high strength and can effectively withstand harsh conditions and preserve the quality of the commodity.

  • Boost Overall Sales

Isn’t it frustrating when you don’t meet your sales target and all your efforts go down the drain? Putting your endeavors in the right direction is necessary to achieve your market goals. Since retail packaging boxes  represent your brand, improving its features will benefit you in some way.

Creating a master design with all the essential information and a visible logo clarifies what you are offering to potential customers. The clearer your product details are, the more likely your product will be sold in the market, increasing your company’s overall revenue.

  • Versatile Design Options

Customization allows you to design bespoke packaging suitable for your product only. It doesn’t matter if the commodity you are selling is oval, square, triangle, or rectangle in shape: jot down the specifications and give them to the design team, and they will surely come up with a layout tailored for your product only.

You can also ask the creative team to print something you think will appeal to customers. It might be a captivating tagline or smartly designed logo, how to use the product instructions, and many more. You can pick the color schemes or patterns that best represent your brand’s ideology. With all these minor details taken care of, you have an absolute chance to leave behind your competitors.

  • Smooth Finishing Touch

The leading brands always take care of the fact that their buyers must enjoy an incredible unpacking experience and turn into loyal customers. You cannot make a consumer journey satisfying and engaging with traditional monotonous packaging. You need to think out of the box and opt for custom branded boxes.

You can utilize various printing techniques such as Flexo, Litho, or digital according to your budget and product requirements. These high-tech techniques can provide an optimal vision for the product packaging and ensure that it can capture the consumers’ attention even from a distance. You can further enrich the aesthetic of the design by adding various textures like glossy, matte, smudge-free, soft-touch, or spot UV to the personalized casing.

  • Biodegradable in Nature

Humans have inadvertently damaged nature in some way, which has harmed the health of living organisms. As the new generation is becoming more aware of such negative impacts, they are switching towards organic products and playing their part in ensuring the planet’s sustainability. So, why not cooperate in this cause to save humanity from dire consequences?

Companies have now switched to custom sustainable packaging materials, so the trash produced after consumption is reduced to a minimum and can be recycled or reused. Sustainable retail packaging is appropriate for any business since it is lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Now that we’ve covered the pros of utilizing custom retail boxes as a marketing tool, we can hop on to its cons. Let’s go through them one by one.

Disadvantages of Custom Boxes

  • High Cost

It is one of the primary drawbacks of custom product packaging, as it will cost you more if the product you are introducing in the market is not conventional. Any new enhancement to a product’s features might be pricey. This factor can affect small start-up owners who want to market their unique products but can’t afford such exorbitant prices.

  • Time-consuming Procedure

Designing a package that truly fulfills the needs of the product can be cumbersome. Unlike the stock packaging that sits in the warehouse and is readily available, custom packaging needs time and intellect.

  • Requires a Lot of Input

Jotting down the details, hiring custom packaging services, and choosing top-notch printing options will increase the lead time and overall cost. Several tools are utilized, such as printing machinery, inks, custom packaging supplies, and more, to create a wrap of the clients’ choice.

Wrapping Up


  • Provides maximum protection against damage.
  • Improve overall business revenue.
  • Offers a variety of customization options.
  • Sweeten the consumer’s buying journey.
  • A sustainable packaging solution.


  • Expensive.
  • Longer lead time.
  • Necessitates a significant amount of labor.

This blog has enlightened you on the advantages and disadvantages of custom packaging options for your retail products. So, if you are an entrepreneur ready to take your brand to the next step by investing a little more time and money, you should consider custom branded boxes for your next project.

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